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Home emedtv home alzheimers home switch to mobile view health topics emedtv health topics alzheimers health topics disease & conditions tests & procedures drugs & supplements symptoms articles emedtv articles alzheimers articles videos emedtv videos sign in | site map alzheimers channel topics & medications alzheimer's disease binswanger's disease dementia lewy body dementia acetyl-l-carnitine aricept cognex exelon ginkgo biloba l-theanine lecithin nadh namenda namenda xr phosphatidylserine razadyne vitamin e advertisement   quicklinks alzheimer's lewy body dementia dementia aricept symptoms of dementia causes of dementia vitamin e benefits of vitamin e namenda exelon cognex l-theanine phosphatidylserine ginkgo biloba lecithin related channels depression mental health nervous system senior health   alzheimers home > louie body dementia louie body dementia were you looking for information about lewy body dementia? Louie body dementia is a common misspelling of lewy body dementia.   lewy body dementia is a type of progressive dementia that takes its name from lewy bodies, which are abnormal structures found in some nerve cells in the brain of people with this form of dementia. Symptoms may begin with visual hallucinations. Other symptoms associated with this type of dementia may include acute confusion, tremor, and memory loss.   the symptoms of lewy body dementia are often similar to those seen with alzheimer's disease and parkinson's disease. In fact, doctors are not yet certain if this type of dementia is a distinct condition or a variant of alzheimer's or parkinson's disease. While there is no cure for lewy body dementia, certain medications may help in the management of symptoms.   (click lewy body dementia for more details about lewy bodies, as well as a discussion of specific medications used in the treatment of this form of dementia. You can also click any of the links in the box to the right for more information. )   advertisement   written by/reviewed by: arthur schoenstadt, md last reviewed by: arthur schoenstadt, md dementia types lewy body dementia binswanger's disease advertisement   referring pages: articles terms of use advertise with us contact us about emedtv privacy policy copyright © 2006-2012 clinaero, inc. buying generic viagra buy cheap viagra viagra online viagra online buy generic viagra buy generic viagra discount generic viagra mg cheap generic viagra buy viagra cheap viagra Emedtv serves only as an informational resource. This site does not dispense medical. Bine ai venit!
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